image alternative text I was born in 1986 in Wloclawek, Poland. When I was in school, my hobbies came and went. I used to collect stamps and coins, dig for fossils and collect minerals, look at stars and planets through a telescope my brother gave me... But with photography it was a different thing. Where other interests proved to be short-lived affairs, photography became the love of my life ;)

The first camera I used (with the intent of taking 'artistic' photos) was the 'idiot camera' kind. Sadly, I cannot even remember its make, though I'm sure it might still be tucked away in a drawer or cupboard somewhere at home. I remember it only had internal memory of a whopping 16MB! I swear it's true... :)
Later, I got a Praktica DCZ 6VR camera, which wasn't very advanced either but I managed to take some good shots with it throughout the time I had it.

The breakthrough came on my 18th birthday, when my sister, her husband and their friends bought me a Canon Powershot G6 as a present. This was a revolutionary moment and my photography got much better (at least I like to think so).
After almost 10 years of using the Powershot G6, I finally bought myself a DSLR - a Nikon D3200. In the meantime I've also acquired film cameras - a Canon EOS 300 and a lomo Fisheye 2 (which I like to call my toycam).

Of course, as wise men say, it's not the equipment but the person that takes the photo. While I wouldn't completely agree with this statement, there certainly is much truth in it. I tend to think of myself as a photographer 'in progress', I think I am still 'on my way' when it comes to achieving recognizable style.

I don't know where my search will lead me, but I've got a good feeling about it :)